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IFTE 2018


IFTE Organızed By Mavı Expo

The fast growth in the aviation industry has resulted in requirement of and communication. The exhibitions regarding the industry become more important in acceleration of the processes of cooperation communication. Mavi Expo aims to contribute to the aviation market presenting the IFTE as Flight Training Expo in ISTANBUL. This show to bring people together who are willing to get flight training. The which give flight training, moreover the organisations that are for new clients.

The Mavi Expo is established by an experienced team members who serve civil aviation industry over 10 years. So far, the Mavi Expo has attended to aviation training exhibitions over the world, met firms with many of the that provide flight training and informed many graduate students civil aviation seminars. The Mavi Expo eagers to share its experiences by the biggest regional flight training expo in TURKEY.

The Mavi Expo is honoured to invite you to the IFTE where you can get the news regarding the industry.

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